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10 Best Text Recruiting Platforms in 2023

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, effective communication is key, especially in the realm of recruitment. Traditional methods of recruiting, such as emails and phone calls, are being rapidly replaced by innovative solutions that leverage the power of text messaging. Text recruiting platforms have emerged as a game-changer, enabling recruiters to engage with candidates quickly and efficiently. In this article, we will explore the ten best text recruiting platforms in 2023, revolutionizing the way organizations connect with potential talent.

Understanding Text Recruitment

Text recruitment is a method that leverages SMS (Short Message Service) or messaging applications to communicate with job seekers during the recruitment process. This approach recognizes the prevalence of mobile technology and the increasing reliance on text messaging as a means of communication. By integrating text messaging into the hiring process, recruiters can reach candidates instantly and engage with them on their preferred platforms.

Best Texting Software for Recruiters in 2023

1. TextRecruit by iCIMS:

TextRecruit by iCIMS is a text recruiting solution that integrates with the iCIMS Talent Acquisition Suite, providing a seamless end-to-end recruitment experience. It offers features such as two-way texting, automated campaigns, and interview scheduling. Recruiters can leverage TextRecruit’s robust reporting capabilities to track engagement metrics and optimize their recruitment strategies.

2. Rectxt:

Rectxt offers a user-friendly platform that allows recruiters to streamline their text recruiting efforts. It provides features like automated messaging, scheduling, and tracking, making it easy to engage with candidates and manage conversations effectively. Additionally, Rectxt integrates seamlessly with popular applicant tracking systems (ATS), enabling a seamless workflow.

3. Brazen:

Brazen combines text recruiting with virtual career fairs and live chat to create a dynamic hiring experience. This platform allows recruiters to host events, engage with candidates through text, and streamline the hiring process. Brazen’s robust analytics provide valuable insights for optimizing recruiting strategies and making data-driven decisions.

4. TextUs:

TextUs is a versatile text recruiting platform that empowers recruiters to send and receive texts from their existing business phone numbers. It offers advanced automation capabilities, such as chatbots and drip campaigns, to nurture candidate relationships. TextUs also integrates with popular applicant tracking systems, simplifying the workflow for recruiters.

5. Jobvite:

Jobvite’s text recruiting solution enhances the candidate experience by enabling seamless communication via text messages. It includes features like job posting, candidate screening, and interview scheduling. Jobvite’s platform integrates with various recruiting tools and systems, ensuring a cohesive and efficient hiring process.

6. XOR:

XOR is a text recruiting platform that leverages AI to automate and optimize candidate communication. Its features include text-based interviews, scheduling automation, and chatbot-driven engagement. XOR integrates with leading applicant tracking systems, enabling seamless data transfer and simplifying the recruitment workflow.

7. Textio:

Textio focuses on enhancing the effectiveness of job listings and candidate engagement through text. Its AI-powered platform helps recruiters craft compelling job descriptions and targeted messages that resonate with candidates. Textio’s analytics provide real-time feedback on the language and tone used, improving the overall quality of communication.

8. Talview:

Talview is a comprehensive talent acquisition platform that incorporates text recruiting along with video interviews and assessments. Recruiters can engage candidates through SMS, conduct pre-screening conversations, and seamlessly transition to other evaluation methods. Talview’s platform helps streamline the end-to-end hiring process.

9. SimpleTexting:

SimpleTexting is a versatile text recruiting platform that empowers recruiters to send personalized messages to candidates. Its robust features include mass texting, autoresponders, and contact management, allowing recruiters to reach a large pool of candidates while maintaining a personalized touch. SimpleTexting also offers valuable analytics and reporting tools to track the success of recruitment campaigns.

10. EZTexting:

EZTexting is a comprehensive text recruiting platform that enables recruiters to create targeted text campaigns effortlessly. Its intuitive interface and automation capabilities allow recruiters to segment candidates, send automated messages, and track responses. EZTexting also offers integration with various popular CRM and ATS systems, ensuring a seamless recruitment process.

Benefits of Text Recruitment

Increased Efficiency: Text recruitment enables faster and more efficient candidate screening. Recruiters can quickly filter through a large volume of applicants by sending automated text messages with pre-screening questions. This allows them to identify the most qualified candidates and progress them to the next stage of the hiring process.

Improved Candidate Engagement: Text messaging offers a direct and convenient channel for candidate communication. It allows recruiters to maintain a constant line of contact with applicants, keeping them engaged and informed throughout the recruitment journey. This real-time interaction enhances the candidate experience and increases the likelihood of securing top talent.

Higher Response Rates: Traditional methods of communication, such as phone calls and emails, often face low response rates. Text recruitment, on the other hand, tends to yield higher response rates due to its accessibility and immediacy. Candidates are more likely to respond promptly to a text message, leading to quicker progress in the hiring process.

Reach a Wider Candidate Pool: Text messaging is widely used across different demographics, making text recruitment a versatile strategy for reaching candidates. It allows recruiters to connect with individuals who may have limited access to email or prefer not to engage through traditional channels. This widens the candidate pool and promotes diversity in hiring.

Challenges and Considerations:

While text recruitment offers numerous advantages, there are also a few challenges to consider:

Privacy and Consent: Recruiters must ensure they comply with data privacy regulations and obtain candidates’ consent before engaging in text recruitment. It is vital to establish clear guidelines on how personal information will be handled and protected.

Messaging Etiquette: Recruiters must strike a balance between being efficient and respectful when communicating through text messages. Understanding appropriate messaging etiquette is crucial to maintaining professionalism and building a positive employer brand.

Optimal Timing and Frequency: Timing and frequency of messages play a significant role in the success of text recruitment. Recruiters must be mindful not to inundate candidates with excessive messages, as it may lead to a negative candidate experience.

The Future of Text Recruitment

Text recruitment has already made a significant impact on the recruitment landscape, and its prominence is expected to continue growing. As technology evolves, we can anticipate the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots into text recruitment processes, further automating candidate screening and improving engagement. Additionally, advancements in natural language processing (NLP) will enhance the ability of recruiters to analyze candidate responses and identify the best fit for a position.


As technology continues to reshape the recruitment landscape, text recruiting platforms have emerged as a powerful tool for engaging with candidates and streamlining hiring processes. The ten platforms mentioned in this article represent the best text recruiting solutions in 2023, offering innovative features, automation capabilities, and seamless integrations. By leveraging these platforms, organizations can enhance their candidate experience, improve efficiency, and gain a competitive edge in attracting and securing top talent.


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